I received the Bose SoundDock as a gift for Father’s Day (thank you girls!) and felt compelled to tell everyone about it. For a couple of days, I mulled over trading in the white model I received for a black model to match my IPod. After reading all the glowing reviews on Amazon.com, I just couldn’t bear waiting another week to try the SoundDock out. I was not disappointed…

Bose SoundDock

The sound on the unit is incredible given its small size. What’s most amazing is that you can crank up the volume and get little or no sound degradation. Given the rather limited controls on the speaker unit, fine tuning is more a matter of tweaking the IPod’s equalizer settings. It gets around pretty well within the house, having made the rounds from the bedroom to the study and ultimately to the basement to accompany me for workouts. From the reviews I read, it would seem that caution (and adequate packing) is advised for transporting the SoundDock over longer distances. I believe that a separate case is available for the SoundDock. If nothing else, you can box it up again and move it around that way.

With a $300 non-negotiable Bose pricetag, the SoundDock doesn’t immediately appeal to your thrifty consumer (that’s me). However, I implore you to drop by your local electronics store with your IPod and give it a listen with some of your favorite tunes. You might be surprised at how compelled you feel to get a SoundDock after you’ve heard how it sounds.

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