We had quite a harrowing experience this weekend with what was previously to us an unknown ailment – nursemaid’s elbow. This partial dislocation of the elbow is caused by lifting the child (Anna, in this case) by her arms. Anna screamed like we’ve never heard her scream before and was inconsolable. This resulted in our first child-related ER visit, putting an early damper on what promised to be a very busy christening weekend (Mia’s, in this case).

Nursemaid's Elbow

The ER staff made a precise diagnosis and immediately performed a “reduction”. Anna gained back control of her arm and was using it at 50% strength by the time she went down for bed 2 hours later. When she woke up the next morning very stiff and with similar symptoms, I became worried about a misdiagnosis, incomplete reduction, or other oversight. I did a bit of research and reaffirmed (in my mind) the diagnosis. I’m happy to report that, 2 days later, Anna has regained 90% of mobility and strength in the affected hand. This seems to contradict the reports of a full 100% recovery within 24 hours that I found in my research. However, Suzanne and I are elated to have our Anna back and functioning near peak. A couple more days Children’s Tylenol and pampering and she should be completely back to normal.

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